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Consulting Services

The principals of softalk, inc. each individually bring over 30 years of experience in a broad range of industries. Providing assistance in areas of financial and operational management, sales and marketing analysis, crisis management and investment banking services.


Specific industry experience includes information technology, retail management, wholesale distribution, electronics manufacture, banking, healthcare, and transportation.


Home & Business Automation

Take control of your environment with the complete systems integration approach to programmed lighting, computer networking, audio/visual distribution, and perimeter and appliance control. All managed from your computer, either at home or away. Look in at the baby, heat up the spa, access your music and video collection, review the entry log, warm up the cottage, review the access log, change the lighting schedule-as if you were there. Learn more here at SmartHome!!



Communication Services

As part of managing our own business, we have analyzed and selected the following services for long distance, internet and wireless communication. Take advantage of our discounts and sign up now! to save money.


Manufacturers Representation

Softalk, inc. offers the manufacturer professional and enthusiastic representation for all manner of high end electronic systems for home and business. We offer coverage for the South East US, computerized customer tracking, online catalog production, cooperative web site advertising and eCommerce for B2B only.